IT Governance and Colleague Experience

Welcome! I’m Paul Busst, the Head of IT Governance and Colleague Experience (GCX).

“Putting colleagues at the heart of everything we do”

We proritise our GCX team as our greatest asset and are committed to supporting their development and empowerment. The GCX teams’s goal is to create the optimal conditions for outstanding service and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We focus on providing our colleagues with the best digital tools and support to perform their duties. We aim to deliver a superb colleague experience, continual service improvement and ongoing engagement through multi-disciplinary team collaboration.

To achieve these goals, we align with the rest of DTS to provide the best service by monitoring our key metrics. We expertly manage our investments and commercial relationships, ensuring financial visibility, risk and opportunity management, and service assurance. We promote collaboration and a ‘one team’ vision across DTS and provide expertise to help manage the council’s information assets and business.

Our function comprises the following practices:

  • Commercial and investment
  • Colleagues experience
  • Information management
  • Service assurance
  • Strategy and architecture

As part of our strategy, we am to implement new initiatives and improve our existing exceptional services, which ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all. We will build on the foundations of our operating model, which includes innovative approaches such as the IT hub, mobile pit stop and surgeries, tech bar, ask the techie and digital kitchen.

We have a host of incredibly exciting roles for people to apply for, whether they are at the start of their careers, or have lots of experience. I look forward to seeing your applications!

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