Culture & Capability

I’m Dave Briggs, Head of Culture & Capability

Our team is a unique one in local government digital and technology! We are here to support our colleagues across Digital and Technology Services, and the council more widely, to adopt the culture and skills of the internet era.

Our work involves:

  • recruiting the best talent into our department
  • providing a great apprenticship scheme
  • designing and running a learning and development programme that works for everyone across DTS
  • supporting everyone in the council to adopt a digital mindset: agile, data driven and user-centred

It’s early days but we already have a bunch of cool things going on, including our blog and community of practice.

Working on our team will mean you get to walk the digital walk every day – researching what our users needs, designing fabulous services and products to meet those needs, and learning and iterating them continuously.

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be joining our council and this department. Our team is vital to ensuring the benefits of digital ways of thinking and working are adopted and the opportunities of the internet age are realised!

Apply for a role in culture & capability: