Digital City & Innovation

I’m Raj Mack, and I am Head of Digital City & Innovation

Join Birmingham City Council’s Digital City and Innovation Team as we transform city services for the UK’s second largest city. The Team provides an excellent opportunity to work with city partners and stakeholders to turn ideas into projects and programmes, develop proof of concepts and deliver demonstrators that stimulate innovation and initiate new ways of delivering services as well as creating the enabling environment for businesses and citizens to thrive. As Europe’s largest local authority, we are investing in our people and digital capabilities like never before. With a solid Digital City Programme and Roadmap, the Digital City and Innovation Team is attracting digital investment into the city, enabling Birmingham to become a playground for experimentation and ideation, with the aim of positioning and promoting Birmingham as a leading international digital city, by building digital services that put the needs of our citizens, businesses, and communities first.

As a member of our multidisciplinary team, you will have a direct impact on improving the lives of 1.2 million residents every day. We create, develop, deliver, and operate an exceptionally diverse range of services that challenge the status quo and set new standards in service delivery.

Our approach is truly digital and human-centred, promoting collaboration, openness, and innovation across the whole organisation. We take advantage of unparalleled access to data, do things at scale, and use technology creatively to reimagine the way services are delivered. Join us as we build the digital city of the future and make Birmingham a city of today and tomorrow.

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